Advantages of Mercalloy™ Alloys

High mechanical properties (especially elongation) due to Low Fe

  • Traditional diecasting alloys rely on high Fe (0.8-1.3%) to beat die soldering
  • The Fe forms needle/plate like structures that destroy mechanical properties (esp. elongation)
  • Fe together with Mn causes significant sludge formation
  • Fe needles and sludge particles make it impossible to achieve good properties

Outstanding impact resistance / fracture toughness (i.e. crash worthiness)

  • Its low manganese content of 0.25-0.35% accounts for its greater ability to absorb energy on impact at high strain rates (due to reduced intermetallics Mn-compound, Al12Mn3Si2 ).
  • Tested in Mercury Marine’s proprietary “log test” and proven to be significantly better than any other commercially available diecasting alloy
  • Ideal for crash relevant components (high strain rate impacts)
  • Ideal for parts that are riveted

Excellent castability due to Si contents between 9 and 11%.

  • At a Si content of about 11%, the fluidity of the 362 is excellent and parts with thin walls and numerous ribs can be cast without problems at the lowest possible temperature. Alloy 362 freezes at a single temperature like a pure metal, has a lower shrinkage contraction and a lower density than any of the hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys due to its higher silicon content.
  • Alloys 367 and 368 can have the same fluidity as 362 with just slightly higher casting temperature, and with the lower Si they offer higher ductility in the as cast and T5 tempers.

Excellent corrosion resistance compared to other diecasting alloys

  • The low Cu content (and other impurities) guarantees excellent corrosion resistance without additional expensive coatings. Anodizing is possible (if desired) due to very small eutectic grains. Very good finishes are also achieved with electroplated and chemical conversion coatings (if desired).
  • They are tested and applied in the most severe marine environments in Mercury Marine products
  • Good die soldering resistance and extended die life when compared to other structural diecasting alloys due to Low Mn and Sr addition

    • The low Mn (0.25-0.35%) minimizes sludge formation compared to other structural diecasting alloys. It also increases its tolerance of a higher iron level of 0.25% max Fe (compared to similar alloys) in avoiding the precipitation of the intermetallics Mn-compound.
    • Sr at 500-700ppm achieves die soldering resistance, and at the same time modifies the Si eutectic (for improved ductility) and “cures” shrinkage porosity by dispersing macro into much less harmful micro-porosity.

    Lower requirements on process technologies compared to other structural diecasting alloys.

    • The alloys are clearly more “forgiving” than comparable structural diecasting alloys which can save a considerable amount of money on process technologies – and we offer you technical assistance in choosing and optimizing your process.

    Very good machinability and weldability

    • Alloy 362 has good, 367 and 368 have very good machinability when wear resistant tools with liberal rakes and clearance angles are used at moderate to fast speeds.
    • Excellent welds are obtained by common methods, if entrapped air from die casting is not a problem.

    Easy recyclability / high possible recycling content

    • The increased tolerance of certain impurities without compromise on properties allows much better recycling (than comparable structural diecasting alloys) and integration of high recycled content – a big plus both from an economical as well as ecological perspective! (Recycled Al only requires 5% of the energy required for the production of primary aluminum, which lower the carbon footprint of your products significantly!)

    Mercalloy™ alloys are available in 3 different AA registered types (362, 367, and 368), but we tailor the alloy (+ heat treatment) to meet exactly your specific requirements and offer technical assistance to make you successful in applying them for your products!

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