Bio of Dr Raymond J. Donahue:

Present Title:

Senior Fellow - Mercury Marine


B.S. & Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology [Chicago, Illinois]

Professional Experience:

[1 year] - Instructor - Illinois Institute of Technology

[ 6 years] - Professor of Metallurgy - University of Connecticut [Storrs, Connecticut]

[43 years] - Mercury Marine/Brunswick Corporation - Manager, Director, Sr Director, Senior Fellow

Patents, Service on Industrial Committees & Awards:


Over 60 patents

Service on Industrial Committees:

Department of Energy Metal Casting Advisory Board -created in 1990 under Pubic Law 101 to advance the competitiveness of the metal casting industry [18 years of service] - over $50 million in contracts with casting industry

Past Chairman of AFS Division 11 - Lost Foam

Past Chairman of WPI's Advanced Casting Research Center (ACRC) Steering Committee

Past Member and Chairman of the AFS Research Board

Past Member of the Board of Directors of Steel Founder"s Society of America

Past Chairman for Selection Committee for the ASM Engineering Materials Achievement Awards

Past Chairman Milwaukee Chapter ASM International

Currently, on the Board of Directors of the WPI Metal Processing Institute

Currently, Chairman of the ASF Division 11 - Lost Foam Research Committee

Currently, the Chairman of the NADCA R&D Committee

Currently, am a Reviewer for the Natural Science and Engineering Counsel (NSERC)'s Strategic Project Grants (SPG) program


The Division Council Award from AFS Division Council

A Department of Energy Award "In Recognition For Outstanding Contributions For Turning Industry Vision Into Reality

DOE Award "Wall Of Fame" Award

Hall/Heroult Scientific Merit Award from AFS Division 2 - Aluminum

Lost Foam Technical Achievement  Award from AFS Division 11 - Lost Foam

A Certificate of Recognition from the AFS Research Board for Leadership

WPI, Advanced Casting Research Center (ACRC), Merton C. Fleming's Award

Awarded the title "Fellow" by ASM International Board of Trustees

Lost Foam Technical Contribution Award from AFS Division 11 - Lost Foam [awarded two times]

The John A Penton Gold Metal from AFS

WPI, ACRC, Ray H. Witt Award

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