Patents & Publications

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Patent US patent number 6,923,935, filed May 2, 2003, issued August 2, 2005. Describes hypoeutectic aluminum-silicon alloy having reduced microporosity. PDF
Patent US Patent number 7,347,905, filed July 5, 2005, issued March 25, 2008. Describes aluminum-silicon alloy having reduced microporosity and method for casting the same. PDF
Patent US patent number 7,666,353, filed January 25, 2005, issued February 23, 2010. Describes aluminum-silicon alloy having reduced microporosity. PDF
Patent European patent number 1683881 paid fee for England, Germany, Italy. Describes aluminum-silicon alloy with reduced soldering to die-casting die. PDF
Patent Chinese patent number ZL200510088536.4 PDF
Patent Japanese Patent Application No. 2005-226894 has been allowed and fees have been paid. PDF
Type Abstract Download
Paper Aluminum Alloys for Structural Die Casting (May 2013) PDF
Pink Sheet 362 (2011) PDF
Pink Sheet 367 & 368 (2008) PDF

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